As a photographer I've spent my life chasing light.  You know, that perfect confluence of subject matter bathed in glorious shadings of illumination...all captured in a split second of time.


     Yes, light is essential to our lives, or world, our very existence as we know it.  Close your eyes and think of anything.  Our mental images require illumination don't they, for we only know anything by its form and color.  Take a pitch black night in the deep woods, or the totally black recesses of a large cave system.  Without light it really doesn't matter what's there if we can't see it.  Turn a light on, though, and glorous details of wonder are revealed.


     Come with me as I share my explorations of a light-filled world.


     "For the rest of my life I will reflect on what light is."...Albert Einstein.




                                               All photos © Pat Canova

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